Fitness Coach & Master Scuba Diver. I work with people who are dedicated to improving their general health and fitness and I specialise in sport specific conditioning, wellbeing and fitness for Scuba Divers and Netball players.

I qualified with a Diploma as a Level 3 personal trainer with Premier Training International and have worked with many different types of people over the years, training them in gyms, outside spaces and in their own homes.

Additional fitness qualifications include:

  • Running Technique Instructor
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • TRX Instructor

I am a Master Scuba Diver and have been qualified for over 12 years. I have been diving all over the world in a variety of conditions from easy to extremely challenging. My dream is to dive with Humpback Whales.


“Kristen is a Personal Trainer with a can do attitude, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She knows how to find your limits and pushes you when needed. Goals were discussed and a bespoke plan devised with a view to achieve these over a realistic time period. After three weeks I have seen improvements not only in body condition, but also in energy, confidence and attitude towards training and diet. Highly recommended.” Alan (Male, 35).

“I have enjoyed working with Kristen and it would be fair to say that she has changed my perception of using a Personal trainer. Previous experience has been a programme of circuit style exercises with no real purpose. She took the time to listen to my fitness goals and provided me with a range of exercises and workouts that I can follow and maintain for myself with a combination of at home and at the gym alternatives.” Gilda (Female, 56).


In addition to being a Master Scuba Diver, I love sport and have played netball for most of my life. I am captain of my local netball team and play in the centre court positions. I also enjoy going to the gym to pump some iron (obviously).

In 2013 I ran the Brighton Marathon with a friend to raise money for Cancer Research.

In 2016 I decided to set myself a fitness challenge and aimed to compete in a female Bikini Fitness competition in April 2017. In order to do this I had to push my body to its limits, stick to a training regime and strict nutrition guidelines.

Even though I’m knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and training, this is a specialist area, so I decided to hire my own coach to help me achieve this goal. I felt that this was how I was going to get the best results specifically for this kind of competition and it also gave me someone to be accountable to and also to motivate me when I needed it. We all need a little push now and then!

I have been on your side of the fence, and know what it’s like to work with a professional online coach who gets you out of your comfort zone. It works if you are true to yourself and honest with the feedback you provide. I’m proud of what I achieved and have some photos below.

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