Some of these reviews can also be seen on my Business Facebook Page written directly from my clients. Please feel free to take a look.

Dominique (female 35)

I reached out to Kristen during a difficult time where I was battling low self esteem and a very challenging schedule (work and parenthood). I had very little faith that it would work because 'how would I ever make the time', but it was worth a try and the fact I didn't have to commit to a gym membership was an added bonus. Kristen's thorough, considered approach was the perfect balance of structure and flexibility.

She listened to all my limitations and tailored a manageable program around them. I never felt pressurised, only supported and motivated. The check in's were hugely helpful in achieving my goals because they made me acknowledge the progress I was making and what I still wanted to strive for.

I started with a vague hope that I might not hate how I looked without clothes, but ended feeling pretty darn good in my undies!


I’ve managed to lose 5.5kg, 5% body fat and gain a new confidence in the gym and in the kitchen.

Kris explains everything in great detail, tells you the reasons WHY we work a certain way and was available whenever I had a question or was having a wobble! She’s been a great support and clearly knows her stuff.

I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and what I need to do to change my health and body. Previously I was getting coughs and colds every 6 weeks or so. I’ve not been unwell since I had tonsillitis just before I started working with Kris (Touch wood!!) I put this down to eating clean and looking after myself more than I was.

Her approach has been a realistic one. Not sugar coating it but telling me like it is and giving encouragement and motivation when needed.

I can honestly say she's changed my life! I will never ever ever go back to my old way of eating. I’ve learned so much and am looking forward to continuing this way of life for good. This is the best shape I’ve ever been in, I feel healthy and getting stronger every month and it really hasn’t been a struggle. I’ve really enjoyed the journey!

I wholeheartedly recommend Kris as she really has changed my life for the better. I’m over the moon with my progress and I couldn’t have done it without her help.

Thanks so much for everything!

CLive (male 53)

Kristen started working with me in January 2018 as I realised that, even though I was eating quite healthily and not having too many calories per day, I wasn’t losing any weight.

I was actually allowed to eat more calories, but Kristen’s eating plan was geared to kick-start my metabolism into working more. I ate more protein and green vegetables rather than fruit and carbs.

On top of that, I was given a range of new weights and cardio programmes to develop more muscle, which would in turn burn more calories.

I have lost weight, but it’s not just that. What’s more important is the body shape. In the last six months I have lost 6cm around my waist, 11cm around my hips and 4cm on my thigh. I never feel hungry and I don’t see myself as being on a diet, it’s a change of eating habit which I will continue.

About 18 months ago I was cycling about 140 miles every week, but have cut back quite a bit since then. I started cycling again only a few weeks ago, and I am already posting times that are on a par, or faster, than the times that I was doing back then. I was also about 6kg lighter then. I can only put these times down to Kristen’s weight routines and eating plans as nothing else has changed.

I would definitely recommend Kristen to anyone if they needed advice on either nutrition or fitness, and I have already done so.

DAn (MALE 36)

Kris is a dedicated professional and an expert in her field. I was sceptical at first whether or not having everything online would work, in reality this makes things incredibly convenient as my training and nutrition plan is always with me. I was also worried about not having 1-2-1 sessions, however my training plan has been tailored to enable me to reach my goals. This makes it very reassuring to know that time spent in the gym is not wasted and providing I stick to the training plan I know I’m heading in the right direction.

Kris is always on hand to give advice, answer questions and change things around if necessary. She’s a positive influence, always with words of encouragement. I’d recommend Kris to anyone who is both serious and determined to reach their goals.


The reason why I started training with Kristen was because I was looking for an affordable, flexible programme which could be incorporated into my daily routine. Kristen's programme worked for me because a) it gave me the benefit of having a personal trainer without the huge expense and b) I needed a programme which motivated me and gave me accountability. Knowing Kristen would be checking in with me ensured that I did not slack with my programme or nutrition.

A massive bonus point working with Kristen was that she helped me build a great routine and gave me knowledge around nutrition and helped me build sustainable habits to help me achieve my goals and manage my weight. Due to this I have been able to carry on with the lessons I learnt and am still losing weight since finishing Kristen's programme.

Working with Kristen has been amazing as I am no longer scared of the dreaded yo yo weight cycle, as I have been given the knowledge and tools to lead a healthy lifestyle forever.

KAYleigh (FEMALE 30)

After being diagnosed with a brain condition I was told I had to lose weight and fast which would help ease my condition. I decided to get in touch with Kristen to help me.

I've never been one to stick to a diet and wasn't able to exercise much due to my condition.

Kristen dedicated her time and effort into creating new healthy habits for me and introduced me to different healthy foods. At first glance I thought it was impossible and I didn’t want to try anything, but I did and I gave it a go. To my surprise I really enjoyed it all!

I noticed a change in my mood and energy very quickly and the weight started to drop soon after. I am now drinking so much more water than I have ever done, which at first I found really hard.

I wasn't keen on the photo updates involved at check-in, but to be honest the only way you will make a change is to be honest with yourself and Kristen had 100% confidentiality with me so I was confident to take these and upload each time. I'm proud of what I've achieved so I'm more than happy to show them to everyone now!

My start weight was 107kg and I wanted to drop as much as possible. Kristen and I set small realistic weekly and monthly goals with a view to reaching 100kg as my first main target. Kristen also introduced an easy going exercise regime for me as due to my condition I couldn't strain or increase pressure in my head at all.

Kristen remained in full contact with me, always there for a catch up and ready to talk with me on the phone when I thought I couldn't go on with it. Believe me there were a few occasions!

With Kristen’s help I went down to under 95kg. This has enabled me to get the most out of my treatment. Her help and support has been amazing and I highly recommend her!! Thank you for everything!

DANielle (feMALE 35)

Kristen is extremely passionate about health and fitness and 100% committed to helping you reach your goals. You get a sense that she genuinely cares about you and your journey.

She will listen to everything you tell her and devise an eating and fitness plan to suit your needs and most importantly for me fit into my busy work life. If you find it needs tweaking, no problem, let her know and she'll come straight back to you with alternatives and she really does know her stuff!!

For me this has been the easiest plan I've ever tried to follow in terms of food and exercise. I never find that I'm hungry and the weight training continuously pushes me to the limit!

I really can't recommend Kristen enough!

richard (MALE 37)

With Kristen's guidance I reached my goal of dropping 8% body fat, whilst increasing my lean muscle mass by almost 5%. We achieved this together whilst I was recovering from reconstructive bicep surgery, which in hindsight was quite an achievement. I now continue to use Kristen’s services to maintain my physique, build cardio for racing and strengthen injury-prone areas. I can’t thank her enough – I’ve learnt so much and achieved my goals.

LISA (feMALE 39)

Kristen is the first person to help me who actually explains why you should or shouldn't be doing or eating something so you have an understanding of why your doing it and once you have the knowledge it's easier to make changes!!

ALAn (MALE 40)

Kristen is a Fitness Coach with a can do attitude, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She knows how to find your limits and pushes you when needed. Goals were discussed and a bespoke plan devised with a view to achieve these over a realistic time period. In just a few weeks I already noticed improvements not only in body condition, but also in energy, confidence and attitude towards training and diet. Highly recommended.


For 3 months I coached Dr Oliver Firth (London Diving Chamber) and Dr Michael Gonevski (Midlands Diving Chamber), helping them to reach their health and fitness goals. Below is Oli's article featured in Tanked Up magazine, regarding his experience of working with me. For the full article including Michael's review, be sure to get your hands on the magazine available at your local dive store or request a copy from Tanked Up.


I have enjoyed working with Kristen and it would be fair to say that she has changed my perception of using a Fitness Coach. Previous experience has been a programme of circuit style exercises with no real purpose. She took the time to listen to my fitness goals and provided me with a range of exercises and workouts that I can follow and maintain for myself with a combination of at home and at the gym alternatives.


This woman is compassionate and understanding. Setbacks are just that. She teaches you how to make the best decisions and doesn't judge you when you don't.


Kristen helped me to get fit, run properly and lose weight at the same time as having fun. My PT sessions with Kristen were the highlight of my week! I'll always be indebted to her.