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If you are a Scuba Diver looking to improve your fitness for your sport then please read on.

Scuba diving puts stress on your body, just like any other sport, but in the past being fit for it has been overlooked. For me this has always seemed strange considering that being unfit whilst scuba diving could mean the difference between life and death should a challenging scenario arise. It is now being talked about more in the industry by DAN, HSE, Dive Doctors and Physicians, and even the RNLI are pleading for divers to be fit for their sport.

So what does being fit for scuba diving actually mean? I’ll answer this question with some questions to you:

  • Do you want to maximise your dive time?
  • Do you want to minimise your air consumption?
  • Would you like to not have to worry about your fitness when fighting any currents and recover quickly if you do?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to not be out of breath or aching before you enter the water due to carrying your heavy kit or having difficult surface swims?
  • Want to reduce your risk of DCS?
  • Would you be more confident as a diver knowing that should an emergency arise you have the energy, fitness and strength to help another diver to safety? – Whether this be under the water, helping them onto a boat, or carrying them out of water to the shore. Would you be more confident on a dive knowing that your buddy or your dive instructor could also do this?

Having been a diver myself for over 14 years, I have had some extremely challenging dives. I have seen divers struggle to lift and put on their own kit, get tired just from walking to the water with their kit on, struggle with surface swims or disappointingly some have had to end their dive very early, simply because they weren’t fit enough to swim through the current underwater for a few minutes to get to the dive site.

Combining my experience and knowledge as a diver with my expertise as a fitness coach I want to help you be as fit as you can to get the most out of your sport and be a better, safer diver.

Please contact me today to see how we can work together to get you #fit4scuba, pass those dive medicals and be fitter, healthier, safer divers.